How to optimize the BIA?

To get the most accurate result when calculating the body fat percentage, it is advised to comply the following conditions:

  • Not to have drank alcohol 48 hours before the measurement.
  • Not to have done any intense physical activities 12 hours before the measurement.
  • Not to have had food or beverages containing caffeine 4 hours before the measurement.
  • To have urinated 30 minutes before the measurement.
  • As long as possible, not to have taken diuretics 7 days before the measurement.
  • The measurement should be carried out at least 3 hours after waking up.

It must be taken into account that the hydration of the user may be affected if he suffers from a disease, and therefore affect the result of the measurement.

In general, the value of the impedance increases when the user suffers from dehydration. Note also that when a person increases their weight after ingesting a lot of liquid, the impedance will decrease. The water and the electrolytes present in the human body act as conductors of a low current passing through the body. If this passage suffers any alteration, it will be reflected as variations of the impedance.

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