What are the hypertension factors?

  • Age: Along the years, it is clearly verified that blood pressure readings increase progressively, especially the systolic pressure. For this reason, hypertension is more frequent among adults and elders than among youngsters.
  • Sex: At early ages (before 35-40 years old), hypertension is more frequent among males, whereas after 65-70 years old is more frequent among females.
  • Consumption of salt in the diet: On different geographical areas it has been observed a strong relation between the consumption of salt and hypertension. However, many studies have shown that the response of blood pressure to the consumption of salt depends on each person, and it appears that the importance of this factor is conditioned by genetic mechanisms and by the capacity of the kidney to process the sodium. In any case, it is widely accepted that an exaggerated ingestion of sodium (more than 8-10 grams a day) is one of the elements more directly related to hypertension.
  • Excess weight: Being overweight presents a high relationship with blood pressure levels in all the populations studied. It is not strange then that hypertension is more frequent in obese persons than in those having a normal body mass index.

Other: Other elements that have been related to hypertension are the stress, the kind of life, the kind of job, the professional status, the geographic altitude, the high consumption of alcohol, the composition of the water consumed daily, the noise in your environment, and some hereditary factors.

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